what is homosexual meaningHomo means ‘same’ and sexual means “Sex-Lover”. So, it would be a human who loves same sex of its own. Homosexual can be Gays (Boys who are interested in Boys) or lesbians (Girls who are interested in girls) either.

Meaning Of homosexual in Urdu

In Urdu homosexual means ” ہم جنس پرست “. Vo insaan jo apny type k sex may interested ho, issy Homosexual kehty hain. Or Agr Koi lrka kisi doosry lrky, Yani, (Same sex) main interested ho to issy ‘gay’ kehty hyn. Or koi lrki kisi doosri lrki main interested ho to issy lesbian kehty hyn.

Homosexual In Light of Islam: 

Believe me, there is no concept of being ‘homosexual’ in Islam. One can not be a Muslims if he/she follows homosexuality. Its would be mostly termed as evilness and its practices are being strictly prohibited in Islamic countries.