Pokeتوجہ حاصل کرنا
PokeHello, ہیلو کہنا
PokeHi kehna ,ہائی کہنا
Poke کہنی مارنا

Poke Meaning In English

Poke meaning in English is “Push“, “Strike” or “Enter into something“. Poke or poking someone is meant to get someone’s attention. For example, while two friends sitting together they might not call out other’s name to get his/her attention. In fact, He/She will poke him/her with a knee or finger to get attention. Poke is used in close friends in order to get an instant response. But in online word poke may be more widely used as either to seek attention or to start a conversation. It meaning can vary from fun to a diplomatic response.

What is Poke On FaceBook

We usually see “Poke” notification on our Facebook notification icon. This Poke is a famous feature of facebook. This is just used for entertainment purpose to say Hi, hello or to get the attention from someone. We can’t perfectly determine the meaning of poke that is used in facebook. But, We can assume that poke can be used for multiple purposes. Like

  1. Just for fun.
  2. In order to interact with another facebook user.
  3. Just to know another user that you remember him/her.
  4. To get the attention of other.
  5. A weird step to start communication.

Poke Back Meaning in Urdu

poke meaningFacebook not only just added the famous Poke feature. But also added Poke Back feature too. You are notified when someone pokes you. It gets appeared on your notification icon. While, if you are also interested to start a conversation or even give back reply to another person. All you have to do is to press that Poke Back button.