Gay Meaning In Urdu Definition

Gay is a male person who is more sexually interested in boys rather than girls (lrkon ka therki).

WordIn EnglishIn Urdu
GayHomo-sexual, boy-to-boy love, Male to male affecitionHm jins prst, Lrky baz
Gayto be happykhush rehna

In Urdu Gay means: “ہم جنس پرستوں ”
Gay meaning in Urdu is “Lrkybaz, lrkon ka therki”.

Gay sex is strictly illegal and banned in India & Pakistan (Section 337). However, now India has uplift this ban. Nature & ideology of people of subcontinent doesn’t allow gay marriages/ gay sex. However, there are many cases reported in the past decade. Both countries laws prescribe criminal penalties for “homosexual” acts.

what does Gay means

Gay Meaning In English

In English Gay means homosexual person especially a man (Male). Gay is the opposite of lesbian.

Gay Meaning in Hindi

In Hindi Gay means ” समलैंगिक “.


Gay Marriages :

Gay couples or same-sex couples, have been rarely spotted in Pakistan and India as there act is considered to be “unnatural offence”. But Indian Supreme court uplifted this ban and legalized  Gay Couples/Gay Marriage by end of 2018. However, in Pakistan Gay Marriages are still banned & the community must continue to live with Section 337. This section of the law is British colonial era and is 157 years old.

First country to allow Gay marriage

Netherlands Became the 1st country to allow gay marriage.

Countries that allow Gay marriages

There are almost 26 countries including India now that allow gay marriages.

Can gay marriage be allowed in Pakistan in future?

Well, the answer is simply “NO“. It’s just because the law of Pakistan solely abide by the principles set forth by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and Islam. And In Islam, there is no concept of Gay marriage/ gay sex. In the law of Pakistan, If someone gets caught in this act could be sentenced to 10 years jail.