What is Conscious Meaning in Urdu ?

Conscious meaning in Urdu is “Hosh ** واقف, Ihsaas”. One can be either sleeping (unconsciously) or stay awake conscious.



Soldier had to put all his conscious, strength & effort to aim in extreme situations.

Two men killed while other victims found unconscious after fire in Benzou Building.

She was too conscious about her fitness that she eat salad & lemon shake throughout this month.

Consciousness Definition:

Consciousness is “Hosh main rehna || Opposite to behosh”. Conscious is a small part of mind that plays whole game throughout your daily routine. If your are alive you are in your consciousness (awake, thinking, active).  If you are sleeping of you are dead, both the ways your are unconscious.

Understanding How A Human Mind get Conscious.

now a days, Conscious is more connected with being shy, choosy, confused with certain things/person. Despite literal meaning of conscious (alive nd active) and consciousness (awake), people often get conscious about dressing, speaking, performing and other human made activities. You may either love someone so much that you probably be conscious about him or her all the time. The level of attachment or attention also relates your conscious about someone.