Its not considered to be a good grammar if a noun is constantly used in every sentences. Usually in ‘descriptive essays, every sentences has to describe some feature, identity or characteristics of the subject. So, instead of using noun we can use pronoun “One” to avoid repetitiveness.

Definition of One: One is pronoun and used to locate some other (person or thing) from crowd/bunch.


“Someone in the crowd”.


Rule 1:One” is used to avoid repetition of noun. A noun that has already been introduced before.


I love to have a cup of coffee, will have one too?

That dress is gorgeous, the red one.

Rule 2: “One” is used to identify or focus upon thing under discussion.


That one house next to Wal-Mart is truly haunted.

After the experiment the positive one would be transferred to lab.

Rule 3: One of a person of thing that belongs to specific group.


There is someone special in my home today.

You are that one who comes late at dining table.

Rule 4: A person of mentioned type.


12 o clock is too late to go out for little ones.

He was wishing to be home with is loved ones.

Rule 5: Used to mean people in general.


One should always think before he speaks.

One shall always work hard to achieve success.

Rule 6: A one. A person whose is well known because of his skills, acts or accomplishments.

Oh, so you the one hacker guy.

Yeah, that one guy would be perfect.



Usage of SOME:

Some can be used widely in countable nouns & uncountable noun. It is also used in positive sentences or when some offering is meant or some request is made.

Countable Noun & Uncountable Noun:

Some people are always jealous of your accomplishments.

There is some water in the bottle, may I have that?

Positive sentences

I have some friends that’s can help you out.

We bought some food to eat.


We use “some” in offerings that we make and expect it to be “yes” in response.

“Would you like to have some water?”


Can someone help me in this matter?

Can I borrow some money from you.