Life has gone so fast that we now may not be able to tell whole situation we are facing. But, yes we now can definitely let other know in short words like Lol, rofl, lamo, etc. These words are called ‘acronyms’. Topic is to lets get learn about when to use these abbreviation. What are the meanings of these words in HINDI/URDU too.
Their meaning may be simple but these words are able to describe emotions to person sitting far away communicating via facebook messenger. One thing to get cleared about is these acronyms are almost used in internet slang language.

meaning of lol in hindi

Now lets get to meanings & abbreviations of these slag words.

LOL Meaning In Hindi:

lol meaning is hindi is “Jor Jor sy hasna“. Lol is abbreviation of laugh out loud. we mostly use lol in facebook messaging and other social media. but this word LOL (acronym) shows that other person is laughing out lol Mean “vo jor jor sy hans ra hy”.
Lolz and lolx are other extensions to it with passage of time.

BRB Meaning in Hindi:

BRB stands for BE RIGHT BACK. BRB meaning in hindi is “Jaldi wapix ana” ya “wapix ana lajmi“. People use BRB on facebook mostly.

ASAP meaning in Hindi:

ASAP means As Soon As Possible. meaning of ASAP in hindi will be “bht jaldi sy kam krna“. When we are in hurry and need to get things done fast & Instantly. we there use ASAP.

WTF meaning in Hindi:

WTF (What the f**k) meaning in hindi is “Kya ajib Majak hy” ya “kya Ch***yapa hy“. When something happens from someone that is too embarrassing to bear. WTF is an expression to show those kind of emotion. you can use wtf when something is unbearable for you

There are many & many other internet slang words used over hundred different social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. Some of them are listed below.

ACRONYMSAbbreviationsMeaning in HINDI/URDU
ROFLrolling on the floor laughingPait Pkr ky lait ky Zor Zor sy hassnaa.
LQTMlaughing quietly to myselfDill Dill my muskuraana. (Khush hona).
LSMHlaughing & shaking my headmazy ly ly k hassna.
LMHOlaughing my head offHans hans k challa ho jana
HAHALaughingQaehkaa Lagana.
AFAPAs Far As Possibleutna door jaha tk jaa saky.
A&F, AAFAlways And Foreverhemaisha or hemaisha ky lea.
AAAlcoholics Anonymous
AABAverage At Best
AAKAlive And Kicking
AAPAlways a pleasurebht Kamaal.
AAMOFAs a matter of factKam ke bat jo hay.
AARat any rateKisi be qemat may.
ABt, boutABOUTmabni
ADMINAdministratorgroup admin or may be page admin.
ADNAny Day Nowini dino may
AEAEAnd Ever And Everhemaisha or hemaisha
AEAPAs Early As Possiblejitna jadli ho saky.
AFAIACAs Far As I Am Concernedjaha tk mera ghrz hy
AFAICSAs Far As I Can Seejaha tk mujy lg ra hy
AFAICTAs Far As I Can Telljaha tk main bata skta hun
AFAIKAs Far As I Knowjaha tk mujy pta hay
AFAIRAs Far As I RememberJaha tk mujy yad hay
AFCAway From ComputerPC bnd hy / Main door hun PC sy
AFDAll F***ing DayPura Din
AFTAbout F***ing TimeSara time
AGWAll Going Well
Sb acha hy
AightAre you alright, YoTheak hy/hun.
BbBye Bye, GoodbyeBye bye
BBIABBe back in a bitBus aya Ik minute main.
BBLBe back laterwapix ana bad main.
BBSBe back soonJaldi wapix ana
BDBig dealBri Baat
BRBBe right backJaldi wapix aya
BRTBe right thereWaha py lazmi hon
BTWBy the wayWasy
CUSee youMilty hyn phir.
CyaSee youMilty hyn phir.
CYSCheck your settingapni Settings check kro
DIYDo it yourselfkhud kejiaay.
FYIFor your informationapki itlah k lea
GTGGot to goMujy Jana hay
GALGet a lifeJaa, or apni Zindgee Jee lay.
Osum, OSM, osumAwesomebht Allaw, Zbrdast, Bht Bhaddiaa.

Other Slang Words in 2019

2day: “Today”, (present day).

2moro: “Tomorrow”, (the day after today).

2nite: “Tonight”, (this night).

4EAE: “For Ever And Ever”, (forever).

ABT: “About”.

ADN: “Any Day Now”.

AFAIC: “As Far As I’m Concerned’.

AFAICT: “As Far As I Can Tell”

AFAIK: “As Far As I Know”

AFAIR: “As Far As I Remember”

AKA: “Also Known As”

AMA: “Ask Me Anything”

ASAIC: “As Soon As I Can”

ASAP: “As Soon As Possible”

ATM: “At The Moment”

B4: “Before”

B4N: “Bye For Now”

Bae: “Babe/Before Anyone Else”

BBL: “Be Back Later”

BBT: “Be Back Tomorrow”

BCNU: “Be Seeing You”

BD: Big Deal”

BF: Boy Friend”

BFF: Best Friends Forever”

BMT: Before My Time”

BOL: Be On Later”

BOT: Back On Topic”

BRB: Be Right Back”

BRO: Brother”

BT: But”

BTW: By The Way”

CFY: Calling For You”

CU: See You”

CUL: See You Later”

Cuz: Because”

CYA: Cover Your Ass”

DAE: Does Anyone Else”

DBA: Doing Business As”

DFTBA: Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!”

DIKU: Do I Know You”

DM: Direct Message”

DND: Do Not Disturb”

DR: Double Rainbow”

DWBH: Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

ELI5: Explain Like I’m 5″

EOM: End Of Message”

EOS: End Of Story”

F2F: Face To Face”

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question”

FB: Facebook”

FBF: Flash Back Friday”

FF: Follow Friday”

FIFY: Fixed It For You”

FITB: Fill In The Blank”

FML: F**** My Life”

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out”

FTFY: Fixed That For You”

FTL: For The Loss”

FTW: For The Win”

FWB: Friends With Benefits”

FWIW: For What It’s Worth”

FYE: For Your Entertainment”

FYEO: For Your Eyes Only”

FYI: For Your Information”

GA: Go Ahead”

GAL: Get A Life”

GF: Girl Friend”

GM: Good Morning”

GN: Good Night”

Gr8: Great”

GTR: Getting Ready”

HAND: Have A Nice Day”

HB: Hurry Back”

HBD: Happy Birthday”

HBU: How About You”

HMB: Hit Be Back”

HMU: Hit Me Up”

HRU: How Are You”

HTH: Hope This Helps”

IAC: In Any Case”

IC: I See”

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It”

IDC: I Don’t Care”

IDK: I Dont Know”

IG: Instagram”

IIRC: If I Remember Correctly

IKR: I Know Right

ILY: I Love You

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion

IMMD: It Made My Day

IMY: I Miss You

IRL: In Real Life

IS: I’m Sorry

ISO: In Search Of

IU2U: It’s Up To You

J4F: Just For Fun

JAM: Just A Minute

JFY: Just For You

JIC: Just In Case

JK: Just Kidding

JSYK: Just So You Know

KK: Okay

L8: Late

L8R: Later

LMA: Leave Me Alone

LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off

LMBO: Laughing My Butt Off

LMK: Let Me Know

LOL: Laugh Out Loud

LTNS: Long Time No See

LYLAS: Love You Like A Sister

M/F: Male or Female

M8: Mate

MP: My pleasure

MSM: Mainstream Media

MU: Miss You

MYOB: Mind Your Own Business

NAGI: Not A Good Idea

NBD: No Big Deal

NE1: Anyone

NM: Not Much

NP: No Problem

NSFL: Not Safe For Life

NSFW: Not Safe For Work

NTS: Note To Self

NVM: Never Mind

OC: Original Content

OH: Overheard

OIC: Oh ! I See

OMD: Oh My Damn

OMG: Oh My Goodness

OMW: On My Way

OT: Off Topic

PAW: Parents Are Watching

Pls: Please

POTD: Photo Of The Day

POV: Point Of View

PPL: People

PTB: Please Text Back

Q4U: Question For You

QQ: Crying

RBTL: Read Between The Lines

RIP: Rest In Peace

RL: Real Life

ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing

RT: Retweet

RTM: Read The Manual

SIS: Sister

SITD: Still In The Dark

SM: Social Media

SMH: Shaking My Head

SMY: Somebody

SNH: Sarcasm Noted Here

SOL: Sooner Or Later

Some1: Someone

SRSLY: Seriously

STBY: Sucks To Be You

Str8: Straight

SYS: See You Soon

TBA: To Be Announced

TBH: To Be Honest

TBT: Throwback Thursday

TBT: Truth Be Told

TFH: Thread From Hell

TFTI: Thanks For The Invite

TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday

THX: Thanks

TIA: Thanks in Advance

TIL: Today I Learned

TIME: Tears In My Eyes

TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read

TLC: Tender Loving Care

TMI: Too Much Information

TTYL: Talk To You Later

TTYS: Talk To You Soon

Txt: Text

TYVM: Thank You Very Much

U: You

U4F: You Forever

UR: Your

VBG: Very Big Grin

VSF: Very Sad Face

WB: Welcome Back

WBU: What About You?

WEG: Wicked Evil Grin

WKND: Weekend

WOM: Word of Mouth

WOTD: Word Of The Day

Wru: Who Are You

WTH: What The Heck?

WTPA: Where The Party At?

WU?: Whats Up

WYCM: Will You Call Me?

WYWH: Wish You Were Here

XOXO: Hugs and Kisses

YGM: You’ve Got Mail

YNK: You Never Know

YOLO: You Only Live Once

YT: YouTube

YW: You’re Welcome