Meaning of lol is actually ‘Laughing out loud ‘, Jissy hum Qaaekhy maar ky hasna kehty hain. People often search for the meaning of lol in Urdu that is: Zor zor sy hansna. If you can’t understand English then go to the second column, it is in roman English to let you understand better about the meaning of lol in chat. Anyways, let’s come to why it is used and where is ‘lol’ used in English. But before that, if you have gone by this word before, my possible guess is you’ve seen it written somewhere on Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram. Because it is acronyms of laughter.

Meaning of Lol in Urdu

meaning of lol

Meaning of Lol in Urdu is zor zor sy hasna

Roman English may apko batata hun ky lol ka mutlib kia hy and q likhty hyn issy, Ye actually ik lot prot ho kr hansnay wali contidion ko byan krti hy. messages may ya facebook chat my lol ka istimal zyada is lia hy Q kay ap Apni hanssi dikhaa ni sktyyy messages py. Tbi ap lol likh ky agly person ko ye bata skty ho ky ap is wqt apni hansii control ni kr paa rhy. Lol akila word ni hay, instead is jasy or be both words hyn like: rofl, lamo lolx or lolz, ye sab khil khilaa kr haassnnay ko byan krty hyn.

Lol Full Form:

Lol, full form is “LAUGH OUT LOUD” while its meaning in Oxford dictionary is: something that you take as a joke.

Other Meaning of LoL:

Due to geographic difference, people may vary using lol for different meanings or emotions too. ‘Lots of luck‘, ‘Lots of love‘ & ‘laugh out loud‘ are three different meanings of lol. But in Pakistan, the meaning of lol on facebook is simply laughing out loud.

What is Meaning of ‘LoL’ in Urdu & why do we use ‘lol’?

Often, while gossiping, chatting with friends & family we used lol on facebook too. The meaning of lol on facebook is also laughing out loudly. Perhaps we cannot show that we are laughing in response to their text message, chat, conversation or any sort of physical activity. We use to write down “lol” to let other person know about our reaction.
Lol is a gesture of laugh that we can send to another person to let him know that we are enjoying his/her act. This word is actually an abbreviation that is being used in text messages more than speaking verbally. The Answer to why this is used more in text messages then verbally is simply that Lol expresses your laughing and excitement much more than a simple laughing statement.
let’s understand about:

  1. What is lol?
    2. What is the meaning of lol, what is the meaning of facebook lol?
    3. Why do we use lol?
    4. What is the meaning of lol in Urdu?

Answer to all above is simply it’s an expression that could be used in multiple scenarios. Lamo, Rofl, lol, etc all belong to the same American accent. There are other acronyms just like Lol that are listed down but they all are also used during conversations but LoL still remains parental keyword.


Now, these words are nothing, same meaning like lol but in more slang words. These prolong words are considered to be part of poor grammar. People have mispronounced the plural of lol as lolz. Which is original lol’s.