What is Holistic?

According to google dictionary,

“Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.”. 

But, let me define in a simple sentence. Holistic is related to the word ‘whole’ or ‘holism’, meaning the entire picture/parts of a thing. The word Holistic is derived from the Greek word “HOLOS” which means ‘All’ or ‘Entire’.

That is, the idea that every single part of a thing provides an internal structure that works in a way that is necessary for the benefit of the whole thing as well as the parts.

Above definition can be applied to every school of thought & nature, including education, language, ecology, etc. For example, In the context of healing the human ailments, it translates into treating the ‘Mind, Body & Soul’- All parts of a human body. Hence an attempt to concentrate on any single aspect and neglect others would be non holistic.

What is a Holistic Approach:

In order to achieve holistic approach, one requires a working knowledge of all the modalities (parts of a thing) to treating an ailment/disease which not only heals fully but paves the way for positive health along with minimal chances of regression.

Holistic Meaning in URDU & Different Languages:

HolisticENGLISHEntire, All, Every individual part working as one.

What is a Holistic Approach to Health (Holistic Health meaning):

Holistic or natural healthcare approach is other than conventional healthcare practice. To get ideal Holistic health, one should be keeping a holistic approach to health which includes all physical, mental & spiritual Fitness.

holistic approach to health

Holistic health is defined as a healthy and positive approach to life and its emphasis on the connection between mind, body & spirit. The concept of holistic health is to motivate people to accept their responsibilities of being well, spreading positive vibes every day that overall affect their health. Generally, most of us are doing our best just to give time, money & energy to only one piece/aspect of a holistic life.

Health is achieved by treating the cause & symptoms of a particular disease. If a part of the body is not functioning correctly, other components may get affected too. With holistic health, your health is measured with the absence of symptoms & disease as well as your overall positive state of well being.

Components that impact your body health & its balance include diet, exercise, rest, toxins, climate factors and many more. These are some of the factors that demonstrate the relationship between an individual & his/her environment that might influence his/her holistic health.

Best Way To Start a Holistic Path

The best way to start a holistic path is definitely, to make personal well-being the plan and remaining consistent over it. You can start by categorizing the Spiritual, mental, physical and emotional parts & then choosing one activity that will serve you in that area.

Mental: 15-minute morning meditation daily.

Physical: Daily 45 minutes walk at evening or after having dinner.

Emotional: Catch up with close friends sit with them, talk and have deep conversations at least once in a week.

Spiritual: Follow your passion or hobby and spare some time for that during your week.