What do you mean by Gorgeous?

Gorgeous meaning in Urdu is ” خوبصورت “. Other meanings can be “Dilkash”, “behad pyara”. Something that is too awesome to see or visualize is termed to be “gorgeous”. Gorgeous describes the whole nature rather then just front end. First it can be cool or good-looking. Then there comes beautiful. After this there is some thing gorgeous that may took your breath away. e.g,

That girl is gorgeous !

when someone says, you are looking gorgeous today. This means that you are looking outstanding in your dressing and style.

gorgeous meaning in urduGorgeous Sentences with meanings:

  1. You are looking gorgeous.
  2. when I saw her in the bar, She was simply gorgeous !
  3. What a gorgeous lady she is !

Can you use gorgeous for a man?

Yes, you can say it like, “he is looking too gorgeous today!” But with men using “Good Looking” or “Handsome” is more appropriable . Gorgeous is usually meant for ladies.

Usage of

Mostly gorgeous is used when we have to define someone or her/his biggest quality that you are fond of, we mostly use gorgeous with things that are beautiful. Gorgeous is used for women  while hansome is used for men.

Looking So Gorgeous

looking gorgeous means that some one is looking too pretty, gorgeous is expression of likeness or interest towards someone. We you like some one in specific dress you may say her that she looks so gorgeous in that dress.

Synonyms of Gorgeous

Stunning, Beautiful, Charming, Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic and Wonderfull.

What Does ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Mean

Someone extra-handsome, Extra smart – A hundred percent Man.  Whose looks are killer, whose personality is awesome. Who is just a ‘drop dead gorgeous‘, it means they are really good looking. Only a few person are capable of these looks or may be someone you love the most would be your drop dead gorgeous.

Gorgeous meaning in urdu