Muslim Baby Names Starting With “B”

affect of a nameHow the name affects the child

In arabic name is called ‘Ism’. An ‘ism’ or name, effects a human personality in direct or in direct ways. A beautiful name with deep meaning will make a person having same traits in it. It’s not obvious, to have solid meaning of a name. Yet this name influences a personality of a human.

changing name

How important is it for a new Muslim to change his name?

One who accepts Islam is now eligible to change his name. He shall change his name in accordance with guide lines given here.

Importance of Names in islam

Names are important aspect of a living being, a human is called by his name and it certainly does affects him & his personality. Names are what differentiate us in a crowd and by calling someone with his name gives us his/her attention. In islamic prespective, names mostly relate our religion and we would be called by our names in the hereafter. Names are like garments – if it is too long or too short, neither it will look right nor it will sound right.

Guideline to choose a name for baby in islam

Choosing a name for baby boy or girl is permissible in islam but there are certain matters and guide lines to it before selecting a formal name for your new born child.

names for boys

Indication of enslavement

A name indicating enslavement of if it means to worship other the Almighty Allah is not allowed. According to shreee’a, It is not allowed to be enslaved to or to worship anyone or anything other than Allaah at all. Therefore names like ‘Abd al-Rasool’ meaning slave of the Messenger, ‘Abd al-Nabi which implies slave of the Prophet and ‘Abd al-Ameer’ meaning slave of the prince and any other names which directly or indirectly imply worshiping of or submission to anything other than Allaah is not permitted.

The great Sahaabi formally previously named as ‘Abd al-Ka’bah said:

My name was ‘Abd ‘Amr – according to one report, – and when I became Muslim, the prophet of Allaah (SAW) called me ‘Abd al-Rahmaan. (Narrated by al-Haakim, 3/306. Al-Dhahabi agreed with him)

Names of Allaah which are befitting only for Him

Although Asma ul husna are among the top collection for choosing a name for boys, yet there are certain names that we cant select. Such as, al-Rabb (the Lord), al-Khaaliq (the Creator), al-Rahmaan (the Most Merciful), al-Raaziq (the Provider), etc.. These names only befit with Almighty Allah and describe attributes and traits that are truely and solely for Allaah. Names like Malik al-Mulook meaning King of kings, al-Qaahir (the Subduer) are haram to use for human. if someone has a name like these, it must be changed immidieatley.

Allaah says in Qurr’an, (interpretation of the meaning): “And do you know of anyone who is similar to Him?” [Maryam19:65].

Names of Kuffr

As a muslim we cannot choose a name that belongs exclusively to the kuffaar. Names like ‘Abd al-Maseeh meaning “slave of the Messiah”, Butrous (Peter), Jurjus (George), and all other names which are of religions of kufr are strictly not allowed.

Names that relate to devil and fasle god

its an understood thing that a muslim cannot keep a name reffering to satan or false gods of other religions. By doing so it will ne haram and is an other type of sin that a muslim should avoid.

makrooh names in islam

Makrooh names

  1. It is makrooh (disliked) to use such names in Islam which have unpleasant meanings, either because the meaning is off-putting or because it will provoke others to make fun of the person having that name. Such names also go against the teaching of the Messenger of Allah (SAW), who commanded us to give beautiful names to a newly born baby.
    These objectionable names include: Harb meaning “war” or Hiyaam which is the name of a specific disease suffered by camels.
  2. It is makrooh to use a name which have some alluring or provocative kind of meanings. When it comse to girls this case seems quite familiar, where some names are give a meaning of sexual or provocative type.
  3. It is makrooh to intentionally name a new born after some immoral people. May be they are singers or actors/actresses, etc., but their field is not premitted in islam. In case if they have good names then it is permissible to use those names. The intention must be of the meaning of the name but not the infuence of those people.
  4. It is also makrooh to give names that refer to meanings of sin. Among them are examples of names like Saariq meaning “thief”, or Zaalim who is a wrongdoer. A name of a boy can not be even one of Pharaohs or sinners too. A Muslim name can not be Fir’awn (Pharaoh), or Qaaroon (the ones who were cursed by Almighty Allah).
  5. It is makrooh to use the names of animals for a Muslim newborn baby such as al-Kalb (dog), al-Himaar (donkey) or al-Qird meaning monkey, etc.
  6. It is makrooh to use any kind of name which is add on to the words like “al-Deen” or “al-Islam”. Names like Noor al-Deen which formally means “light of the religion”, Shams al-Deen meaning “sun of the religion”, Shams al-Islam meaning “sun of Islam” or Noor al-Islam (“light of Islam”), etc., It is because these names give a person more than he deserves.
  7. It is makrooh to add any word to the name of Allaah Almighty except for the word, ‘Abd’ which means slave, as in ‘Abd-Allaah (Abdullah). Examples of such makroo names are Rahmat-Allaah meaning ‘the mercy of Allaah’ or Hasab-Allaah etc. It is also makrooh to add words to the word al-Rasool (the prophet).
  8. It is makrooh to use any name of angels that are mentioned in islam, calling people with names of soorahs in the Qur’aan is also makrooh, such as Tehreem, Yaa’Seen or Ta-Ha, etc.

A name falling under above mentioned catagories are makroo names, and one must have a complete research of a particular name before he selects it for his/her beloved one. But if a person has already been given such a name by his family and now he is grown up person. It might be difficult for him to change, therefore he can keep it. A cute boy name should be selected without a word that falls under that catagory.

beautiful names in islam

Categories of good names

According to Saheeh Muslim, 1398 : It was reported that the Messenger of Allaah (SAW) said: “The most beloved of names to Allaah are ‘Abd-Allaah and ‘Abd al-Rahmaan”. So these names are among the frsit catagory that are one of the best names for boys to be choosen.

The second category for cute names for boys comes to the names which solely express enslavement to or worship of Allaah. Examples of these types of names are ‘Abd al-Malik’, ‘Abd al-Raheem, ‘Abd al-Azeez, ‘Abd al-Ilaah, ‘Abd al-Salaam, etc.

The third category for best names of boys are one of the names of Prophets and Messengers of Almighty Allaah. Even Among them, the name Ahmad is one cute name for boys due to the reson that this name was of our Holly Prophet, Hazrat Muhaammad (SAW). Next to it, comes those names of the prophets, “Messengers of strong will” [cf. Al-Ahqaaf 46:35]. Famous among them are Ibraaheem, Eesa, Moosa, and Nooh (may the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon them), then the rest of the Prophets of Allaah.