Any one v/s Anyone کا استعمال سیکھیں

Anyone and any one are two words with separate meanings. However, due to same frequency of pronunciation it is hard to differentiate one. So lets get clear about what we mean by “Anyone” and “Any One”.

1. Anyone Meaning in Urdu

“Anyone” is used for Living things, like someone (anyone) in people. It is not used for inanimate or unliving things.
Anyone کا استعمال لوگوں کے لیے ہوتا ہے ؛ اسے بے جان چیزوں کے لیے کبھی نہ استعمال کریں
“Anyone” is Pronoun -> people

Is there anyone who can do it ?

If anyone touches you, he will die.

Its Party tonight, anyone can come. 

2. Any one Meaning In Urdu

It is a determiner points to a singular item. It is an emphasis to some singular thing. Any one واحد اسم پر دلالت کرتا ہے
Any one = 2 adjectives things and people.

I couldn’t bear to lose any one of you.

Any single one is used for more singualr emphasis upon something
Any single one سے مزید تاکید ہوتی ہے

I couldn’t bear to lose any single one of you

Any one time is used for clarity and emphasis
Any one time سے وضاحت اور تاکید کا پتہ چلتا ہے

We have not gone out for lunch at any one time and not had Pizza


None v/s No one کا استعمال سیکھیں

3. None meaning in Urdu

Absence of people or things. When there is nothing (no living or no thing).
None : کوئی شخص یا چیز نہیں
None = Noun (can be singular or plural) -> Inanimate objects or things.
None = اسم یا اسماء (واحد یا جمع) – < بے جان اشیاء

None of us is satisfied to live here. (Is, here is singular)
None of us are staying because it too dangerous to stay here. (Are, here is plural)
None of the students were there when she returned to the classroom (Correct sentence)

4. No one meaning in Urdu

No one means “No person; not a single human“.
No one: کوئی شخص نہیں؛ کوئی واحد شخص بھی نہیں
No one or Nobody <- اسے بے جان اشیاء کے لیے کبھی نہ استعمال کریں
It is used just as it is. It does not requires any helping word, and it don’t always point to a noun.
اسے اکیلے استعمال کرتے ہیں؛ اس کے ساتھ کوئی ہیلپنگ ورڈ استعمال نہیں کیا جاتا ہے۔


No one was there when teacher came back to the auditorium.
No one is agreed to stay here.
In democracy, No one get individually gets better.

In above sentence, No one creates an emphasis over singular person.