Anonymous Meaning In Urdu:

Anonymous meaning in Urdu is “Gum-Nam”. The word anonymous can be used where some one don’t have to show his/her ownership. In Urdu anonymous means “گمنام”, “نام چھپا کر”. In English Anonymous means, “Nameless” “Unidentified” or “Unnamed”. Anonymous can be a hacker too. Messages are sent and received anonymously on both ends in hacking activities.

Anonymous meaning

How do you use anonymous in sentence.

  1. A letter was sent to minister anonymously.
    “Yaha py anonymous means, there was no detail of who sent this letter.”
  2. The author of this book is anonymous.
    “Yaha py anonymous meaning is no name of any author.”
  3. All text messages tracked, were sent to some anonymous number on that evening.
    “Anonymous meaning here is there was an unknown number.”
  4. Agents usually work anonymously & are not strictly restricted to show their personal identity.

What is the opposite of anonymously ?

Opposite to anonymously can be Celebrity, Popular, Rockstar etc.